How It Works

We ascribe to the K-I-S-S principle (Keep It Short & Simple!) so our system is easy to understand.

We are an upscale furniture consignment shop. We will display your gently-used furniture, lamps, rugs, mirrors, pillows and artwork  for purposes of resale. We do not deal in knick-knacks. Also no china, mattresses or box springs, appliances, window treatments, musical instruments or electronics.

We have a certain level of excellence that we feel is necessary to maintain (for your benefit as well as our reputation) so we decide what items to accept or reject. It is advisable to bring in or send a photo of your item(s) prior to bringing them in, for obvious reasons.  Email to: or text to (859) 361-8996. If you prefer, you may show us a picture on your phone or drive the items by, but it might be easier to stick to pictures at first. We may be picky, but we only accept what we feel will sell within a reasonable amount of time.

We allow you to set your prices. If we feel they are too low or too high, we will discuss that at the time your bring your items in for consignment.

Our split is 60/40-sixty to you/forty to us!

If any of your items don’t sell in 30 days, we will reduce the price by 10%. If they haven’t sold within 60 days, the price will be lowered an additional 10%. If still not sold after 90 days, the price will be lowered an additional/final 10% for 30 more days. After 120 days, if your item remains unsold, you may choose to retrieve it, or have it donated on your behalf.

We do not pick up or deliver. You will need to transport your items or arrange a service to do so.

Proceeds are automatically mailed to you after the 15th of each month for the previous month’s sales.