Our Store

Front Door View

If you have a piece that is just not working in your decorating scheme any longer, or a whole houseful of “good stuff” no one in the family wants, come see us at Going Once, Going Twice. Also, if you’re looking for a certain item to complete your look or trying to furnish an extra home, apartment or dorm room, we may have just the thing you’re looking for-at a fraction of  the cost.


TL Peggy Carol 2
TL, Peggy, and Carol

Our Team

We are a couple of friends from the baby boomer generation who decided to chase a dream. Carol loves interior design and has a knack for furniture placement and arrangement. TL is a Realtor and Auctioneer. Peggy has a business/accounting background. Together we bring different talents and abilities to the table.

We have experienced settling estates and have friends who have gone through or are going through the same experience. We love to travel, and in doing so have visited towns with multiple consignment shops. We can never resist the urge to go in and see the array of merchandise available, nor can we resist purchasing a few items as well! Consignment shops are just FUN!! And, who can turn down a good deal?



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